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Arnold Clavio, other news anchors also tested positive for COVID-19

January 09, 2022

On Friday, January 7, 2022, Kapamilya news anchor Karen Davila admitted that she and her family were positive on COVID-19.

This Sunday, January 9, Kapuso news anchor Arnold Clavio also admitted that he was positive for the virus through an Instagram post.
Aniya, “After almost two years, this is my first time to be infected by COVID-19 virus. It’s real and serious although I have mild symptoms like cough due to hyperacidity.

“Last Thursday, I had close contact with someone who tested positive. Immediately, I had my antigen test done and it turned out negative.

“Yesterday, after RT-PCR test, the result was negative.

“This morning, to be sure, I had my antigen test again and bad news, I am positive.

“And the only way to fight this virus is positive thought.

“Despite my caution, wearing a mask, hand washing, social distancing, vitamins, immune booster, lots of Vitamin D, I was still hit and I don’t know how to be so careful everyone.

Arnold was not the only male news anchor hit by COVID-19. There are two others whose status has not been made public so they have not been seen on their programs since Thursday. COVID-19 is a problem of all major TV networks because many of the production staff are infected which is a reason to limit their operations. Aside from the select few people allowed to enter inside the studio, the management of a TV station re-implemented the use of their employees ’face shields to have all the double protection against the virus that is now contagious faster.


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