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Jenine Desiderio, then gave 25 cents to an emcee to buy "manners"

January 08, 2022


    A scene in Little Princess happened in real life almost two decades ago — Jo Berry's character splashing money to buy the manners of her oppressors (Geneva Cruz).

But the only difference is that Jenine Desiderio gave twenty -five coins to the female event host whom she confronted and told to "buy manners."

Jenine laughed when she read the article by PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about what she did before to teach the female host a lesson. He didn’t expect us to remember the incident we personally witnessed and happened at the FHM event in the atrium of Robinson’s Galleria.

As reported by Cabinet Files on January 6, 2022, Jenine did not like the misinformation or introduction to her by the female emcee of the FHM event before she took the stage to sing her hit song "Hindi Ako Si Darna."

After Jenine’s performance, she told the female emcee to correct the wrong introduction to her but just ignored her plea.

When they talked backstage, the female host tried to explain but Jenine handed her a 25-centavo coin, followed by the dialogue “Go buy yourself some manners!”

When Jenine read the throwback Thursday story of PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) about her social confrontation with the female host, she sent us a message.

He told us, “I laughed at the teaser of Little Princess but I didn't react so that I wouldn't grow up, eh, you remember!

"I bought him manners because he doesn't want to admit his wrong intro to me and doesn't want to make a public apology onstage as rectification."

The singer-actress laughed when she remembered a story she thought had long been buried in oblivion.

Jenine can be said to be "ahead of her time" because who would have thought that after almost two decades, she would be included in the cast of Little Princess.

It seems that there was also a re-enactment of GMA-7's afternoon drama series that will air his real-life scene starting January 10 — giving money to buy the manners of the person who insulted him.


And for those who believe “It's all connected,” the line repeatedly mentioned by the characters in Manifest, the Netflix series that currently tops Netflix Philippines, they can now think of a connection to Jenine's daughter Janella. Salvador's 1998 hit song of his mother "Hindi Ako Si Darna."


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