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'Pia Wurtzbach' Calls Out Those Who Break COVID19 Protocols

January 07, 2022


Be it nearby or worldwide, the continuous spread of coronavirus has affected a reasonable share of celebrities. The most recent to talk out almost being tried positive is previous Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, who broke the news on Instagram on December 7.

The magnificence ruler uncovered that she got all the side effects of the infection: fever, sore throat, runny nose, hack, and misfortune of taste and scent. “I’ve never been wiped out for this long, which kept going more than a week,” she proceeds, saying that she is right now completing confinement with her sister Sarah Wurtzbach.Luckily, they’re both recouping well from the infection and have tried negative as of now, with Pia saying, “the most exceedingly bad is through”. Her guardians moreover didn’t contract the infection.

But Pia didn’t halt there. She too talked around the significance of taking after required conventions, exhorting everybody to “take this [COVID-19] seriously”. She composed, “Guys, COVID is so genuine. My timeline appears that numerous have/had it as well, both within the Philippines & overseas. And the numbers are going up exponentially. It would be ideal if you take this genuinely since anybody can get it no matter how sound you're . Being completely inoculated doesn’t halt you from getting the infection, but it makes a difference you overcome it.

Pia proceeds, requesting responsibility from those included on convention breaches: “It appears simple for anybody to fair break conventions and still go out indeed when they know they tried positive. Feeling nila, di sila mahuhuli or wala namang nagbabantay.


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