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Some of the Pinoy Celebrities covid survivor

January 08, 2022


Alex Gonzaga - Even before she shared her saddest part of her life about her miscarriage story, Alex tested positive for covid. She shared her experience on her vlog where she said there was a covid outbreak in their home. They underwent home quarantine and their recovery was successful and they tested negative in the covid test after a few days of home quarantine.

    Donita Nose - A comedian and co-host of wowowin found out that he tested positive for covid after going to the hospital for a consultation because of the symptoms he was feeling. He was confined to the hospital and because of that he asked for financial help from Raffy Tulfo who immediately responded to pay his hospital bill. He is very grateful to everyone who helped and to the medical frontliners who took care of him at the hospital. After surviving the covid, he partnered with tekla to vlog called donekla.

    Arjo Atayde -The actor was positive while in Baguio for the shooting of his new film. He had covid symptoms and had difficulty breathing so he left back in Manila and went to the hospital. After testing positive, nine other fellow film crews also tested positive for covid. After recovering, they prepared to resume their shooting for film which is about to end. The actor is thankful for all the support and love extended by his family, friends and fans.

    Michael V. - A comedian and multi-talented Bitoy tested positive after feeling covid symptoms. No matter how careful he is, he did not thought that he will get infected by covid. The comedian was diagnosed because of the covid he doubted he got through deliveries because he was excited to start the studio he was working on, he thinks he forgot to disinfect his order and used it immediately. A few days after being diagnosed, he gradually recovered and called on everyone to consult immediately if there are any symptoms so that they do not get worse. Michael V is now already vaccinated with Aztrazenica vaccine.

    Iza Calzado - The actress was the first actress in the philippines to be hit by covid when covid started in the country. When Iza was diagnosed with pneumonia, she found out that she was positive for covid. Apart from covid, she also had another bacterial infection that also attacked her lungs. When she found out that she tested positive for covid, she did not hesitate to hide it from the public. Eventually Iza also recovered and tested negative for the covid test. For her, breathing is considered as a blessing.


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