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TV Watch correspondent Gretchen Fullido subtle elements bout with COVID-19

January 09, 2022


    TV Watch Star Patroller Gretchen Fullido moreover did not survive contamination from the COVID-19 virus. This Sunday, January 9, 2022, Gretchen shared on Instagram her fight with the infection and how she overcame it. He said: “Warning: Long & point by point COVID, post ahead.

"Final January 3, I tried positive for COVID-19 (both RT-PCR & Antigen) "

I promptly went into confinement & arranged all the fundamental supplements and solutions that I ought to take to reinforce my resistant framework for the days ahead. "Note that I am completely inoculated and got my booster shot final December." He at that point point by point the every day presentation to the infection whereas in confinement.

On the primary and moment day since he tried positive, he allegedly experienced "sore & bothersome throat, cerebral pain, hack, colds — runny nose" and fever. On the third and fourth day, his migraine was gone "but my voice was dry, BRAIN Haze, Taste & scent got to be black out (So, I fair took it simple & fair kept resting)."

By the fifth day, the symptoms were almost gone but “I experienced shortness of breath (it was a little hard to talk on the phone & I was catching my breath but my Oximeter said my O2 levels were good) Overall, it was very manageable .

"I even watered my plants & did light household chores."

On the sixth day, according to Gretchen, "Feeling much better than Day 5."

And nowadays, she feels fine. Aniya, "Feeling alright. My antigen test came out negative too. (But I will still remain in separation for the another few days)

"Just, the key is to rest… rest & rest. Eat healthy & hydrate."

He said he still needs to finish the ten days set by the government for isolation.

Gretchen said, "Even if I no longer have symptoms and I feel ok, completing the DOH 10 day isolation and quarantine protocol is a must. Make sure to get your doctor's clearance if you can be released and to know if you are fit to work. "

He energized everybody to urge immunized since it was said to have made a difference him a part in his rapid recovery. Part of his post, "I am so appreciative that I am completely inoculated which I was able to urge a booster shot as well. Immunizations REALLY SAVE LIVES. “Please get vaccinated & get a booster shot as before long as you'll so we are able secure ourselves & others.

"Let's be responsible and compassionate to one another. Praying for healing & for everyone's health and safety."


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